Kids' Page

"And ye shall teach them your children, speaking of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, when thou liest down, and when thou risest up." 
Deuteronomy 11:19
This page was designed for those who have a desire to teach God's Word to children.  We know how important it is to teach little children that Jesus loves them.  We see this in Matthew 19:13-14 when Jesus took time to hold the little children in His arms and bless them.  I have listed several links for pages on this website of activities, games, puzzles, and simple devotions that are fun and easy for young minds.  There are many more ideas and pages which may also be suitable for you to use.  It is my constant prayer that this web site will be used for God's glory, so feel free to print and use any of the listed pages.
Activities - Ideas for theme
parties and group activities.

God Is Love
Mother's Day
Father's Day
Vacation Bible School - Animal Stories
Picnic In The Park
Back To School
Rodeo Party
Harvest Party
Snow Party

Games - Games to play with small groups.

2 Little Fishes and 5 Loaves of Bread
Tower Of Babel
Bear Hunt
Sea Voyage Relay
Animal Talk
Right Left Game
Vacation Treasure Hunt
Back to School Bingo
Behold The Lamb
Bible Stories Drawing Game
Student Bingo
How Big Was Noah's Ark?
John 3:16
Bible Charades or Bible Pictionary

Puzzles - Word puzzles and activities to print.

Valentines - to cut out and make
Names of Jesus - paper chains
Names of Jesus - find a word
Psalm 23
Psalm 23 - crossword puzzle
Give Thanks - hand turkeys and being thankful
Birds in the Bible - crossword puzzle
Bible People - crossword puzzle
Bible Animals - crossword puzzle
Adam Named The Animals - listing game
Jonah - crossword puzzle
David and Goliath - linking letters puzzle
Bear Tracks - secret code
Creation - put in order
Thanksgiving - making words
Psalm 100:4 - find a word puzzle
Honeycomb - linking letters
Tiles of Smiles - short memory verses
Bible Firsts - fill in the blanks
Fruit of the Spirit - crossword puzzle
Love Gave Life - change one letter
The Fear Of The Lord - change one letter
Jesus The Great I Am - scrambled letters
Going To Bethlehem - Christmas maze
Christmas Memory Verse - cut and paste page to help learn Luke 2:11
Merry Christmas - making words

Devotions - Simple devotional ideas.

Animal Bible Stories
Things to Learn and Teach
Light For a New Year
ABC Memory Verses

Plays - Plays which can be performed by older children.

Bible News Broadcast
The Gifts of Christmas
Christmas Essay
Go And Tell

Photo Pages - Photos for additional ideas.

Idea Photo Page
Bible Verse Photo Book
Rodeo Party Photos
Mayberry Party Photos
O Come All Ye Faithful Photos

Bible Jeopardy - Games for older youth.

Heart to Heart Bible Jeopardy
Easter Bible Jeopardy
Bible Jeopardy for Spring
Bible Jeopardy for School Days
Western Bible Jeopardy
Bible Jeopardy for October
Thanksgiving Bible Jeopardy
Christmas Bible Jeopardy


Lamp Unto My Feet
Psalm 119:105
Kids' Page
EMail Message from Deborah Webster Senese 

"Below is something that I thought you might like to add to your children's page, upon your approval, of course.  They are a series of books, divided into chapters so that they can be read like a reading book, but also include questions at the end to think about or ignore if you just want to go on to the next chapter.  It is being used as Sunday school material, Pioneer Girls Material, Youth Group Material, and is free to be posted, or even printed out provided no context is changed.  All scripture is KJV, as that is all I will use.  Here is the link for you to decide.  Book 3 is not quite finished yet, but the chapters that have been proofread by the my proofreader and uploader to the website are up there already.  Please feel free to use them any way the Lord leads and may He recieve all the glory from it."