Bible Bingo For Students
“In Like Manner” … I Timothy 2:9
Sign your name in the center square.  Ask questions of other students to find a different person to sign his or her name in one of the remaining squares which describes him or her in like manner.  Each person may sign your paper only three times.  Try to get five in a row, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

plays a musical instrument like David.
II Sam. 6:5
has been on a boat like James and John.
Matt. 4:21
has on earrings and bracelets like Rebekah.
Gen. 24:30
has a brother like Aaron.
Exo. 7:7

has worked in a garden like Adam.
Gen. 2:15
has ridden horseback like Mordecai.
Esther 6:11
has a name found in
the Bible.

is left-handed like Ehud.
Judges 3:15
has slept in a tent like Sarah.
Gen. 18:6
is a girl with only sisters like Mahlah.
Joshua 17:3
has baked
a cake like
the Israelites.
Num. 11:8
is taller than all the rest like Saul.
I Sam. 10:23

is an only child like Jairus' daughter.
Luke 8:42
just had a birthday like Pharaoh.
Gen. 40:20
has made
something of clay like the potter.
Jer. 18:3
has climbed to the top of a mountain
like Moses.
Exo. 19:20
likes to go fishing like Simon Peter.
John 21:3
has watched over a baby like Miriam.
Exo. 2:4
has traveled far from home like Abraham.
Heb. 11:8
has dogs to feed.
Matt. 15:27
is clothed in purple like Mordecai.
Esther 8:15
is the
like Cain.
Gen. 4:1
has climbed up a tree like Zacchaeus.
Luke 19:4,5
has been in
a river like Naaman.
II Kings 5:14