Adam Named The Animals
This is a good activity to work in pairs. Give each team a list of the letters of the alphabet. The goal is to name the most unusual creature, (animal, fish, bug, or bird) beginning with each letter. One point is scored for each creature not named by any other team.
A __________________

B __________________

C __________________

D __________________

E __________________

F __________________

G __________________

H __________________

I __________________

J __________________

K __________________

L __________________

M __________________
N __________________

O __________________

P __________________

Q __________________

R __________________

S __________________

T __________________

U __________________

V __________________

W __________________

X __________________

Y __________________

Z __________________
More Animal Names
Can you finish the riddles and name the animals?
1.  There are no other necks like these,
With heads up high among the trees,
And all the spots can make you laugh
When you look at a ______________.
2.  It makes a funny croaking sound,
Jumping all along the ground
Or sitting on a damp old log
Once a tadpole, now a ______________.
3.  He likes to run, and squeak and play
Through the fields all the day.
But once he comes inside a house
Someone screams, "It's a ______________."
4. You may see one in the wild,
Or as a pet for a small child,
Hopping is the favorite habit
Of this little furry  ______________.
5. She looks like a fuzzy ball of fur,
And it's so sweet to hear her purr.
A friendly pet to rub and pat
She is your favorite kitty  ______________.