Father's Day

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Getting Acquainted:

“...Put Off Thy Shoes From Off Thy Feet...”  Exodus 3:5

If you have a large grassy area, or even an open space inside, this is an interesting relay. Tell everyone to take off their shoes and place them in a large pile. Divide into two teams. Each person must run to the pile, put on his or her shoes, tie them, and run back to tag the next person in line. The team that gets their shoes on first wins.

“...Who Is Their Father?...”  I Samuel 10:12

Print out the Fathers And Sons page and let guests put the Old Testament men in order of birth. The pages may be handed to each individual, or to partners. Have Bibles available to search for answers.
Variation: Instead of printing the game sheet and handling out individually, you may plan in teams as a game. Using an index card for each name, print the Group Name and one person on each card. Give each person a card. Each guest must find the players in his or her group and put their cards in birth order.


Door Prize:

“... I Go A Fishing”   John 21:3

       We have used jars of candy corn for autumn and conversation hearts for Spring as door prizes in the past. For a different "look", fill a canning jar with gummy worms. (Count how many are in the jar in advance and have the number in a sealed envelope.) Decorate your guess list with a fishing pole and fish. Each guest writes his or her name and guess on the list. Tell your guests not to use a number someone else has used. The person closest to the actual number without going over wins the jar of gummy worms. (You could use goldfish crackers if you can't find the gummy worms.)



“...A Fire Of Coals...”  John 21:9

Jesus had fish on the coals for the disciples. But most children will be just as happy with hot dogs over the coals. One person could be responsible to have a sign-up sheet with the items you might want to include and a phone number. He or she may want to call those who sign up on the morning of the activity to make sure he or she is still planning to attend and able to bring the items needed. Different people could bring the hot dogs, buns, ketchup, mustard, drinks, cookies, and paper items. It could be as simple or as elaborate as you decide. The important thing is that it not be such a burden on one or two that they can't enjoy the fun.



“...The Sons Of God...”  I John 3:1

"Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God..." (I John 3:1) Many in our country today don't have a father, or know their father. But we can all call on the name of the Heavenly Father. Don't let this opportunity pass to tell your guests about the love of God and how they can become the sons of God.


Out Reach:

“...My Dearly Beloved Son...” II Timothy 1:2

Paul called Timothy his "dearly beloved son". There has never been a better time to reach out to young children. It means so much to children when people take a special interest in them. Plan a special day at a local park when some of the men in your church or group could play ball with the children. It would be extra special to those whose own fathers are not able to take an active role in their daily lives.



“... The Carpenter's Son” Matthew 13:55

Many children would like to build something with their hands. Building bird houses or bird feeders would be a great summer project if you have someone in your group who could pre-saw the wood. Find simple instructions in a "how-to-book" or on the internet. Let the children put the pieces together, sand and paint. If you don't have one for each child, put the finished project outside your Sunday school class window so they can all enjoy.

"Honour thy father and mother; which is the first commandment with promise;"  Ephesians 6:2
The activities this month center around an outdoor Family outing to bring Fathers, Mothers, and children together for a day of fun.
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