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Getting Acquainted:

"Why Stand We In Jeopardy?" ... I Corinthians 15:30

For the Christmas season, we have a Christmas Bible Jeopardy game.  The Bible questions are listed under the following categories: "O Come All Ye Faithful" (Bible questions from Hebrews 11, the Faith Chapter), "Away In A Manger" (Bible questions from Luke 2), "We Three Kings" (Bible questions about kings in the Bible), "Silent Night" (Things in the Bible that happened at night), and "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" (Give the next line of these Christmas songs).  Divide into teams and use this game to take turns answering Bible questions that are ranked according to difficulty.

“Who Am I?”... II Samuel 7:18

Print the name of a Christmas character on an index card for each guest.  Tape or pin a card on the back of each guest as they arrive.  Each must ask only "yes" or "no" questions throughout the time of fellowship to find out who he or she is.  Click here for a Bible Crossword on the The "Who's" of Christmas.

“Glory To God In The Highest”... Luke 2:14

Many Christmas songs have been written since that first Christmas when the multitude of heavenly host praised God saying, "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men."  Here is a simple game that can be played with any size group and only requires a pen and paper for each person, or team.  Each person (for a small group) or team (for a large group) makes a list of every Christmas song title they can remember.  After a few minutes call "time" and one person reads the titles on his/her list.  Everyone, including the reader, marks off each title that is duplicated.  The next person reads the song titles that are not crossed out on his/her list and everyone marks out all the titles that are the same among teams.  After all the lists have been read each person, or team, counts the number of unique songs and gets one point for each song.  Players do not have to know the whole song, but must know enough to sing a line or two if challenged.  Also, tell everyone in the beginning if you are limiting the songs to religious songs only, or including all songs about Christmas.

“Shall Be Called The Son Of God”... Luke 1:35

The Bible gives us many names of Jesus.  When my children were small I wrote a different name of Jesus on several strips of colored paper.  Beginning on the first of December and going through Christmas, we read a new verse each day for each name.  Then we taped each new name to the previous one to make a colorful paper chain for our Christmas tree.  You could print the Names of Jesus for Paper Chains on brightly colored paper and give one to each guest as they arrive.  Each name could be read as it is taped to the preceding one, or each person could look up his or her scripture and read it aloud.  Then each piece could be taped in links to make a chain decoration.  Jesus - The Great I Am is a puzzle on the "I am" titles of Jesus from the book of John.

“A Virgin Shall Conceive And Bear A Son”... Isaiah 7:14

One year for Christmas we decorated our house with Christmas Bears.  We used a round tablecloth with Christmas Bears as our tree skirt.  We bought small bear ornaments for the tree, and even made several with small bears we bought in a craft store.  We found 'bear' wrapping paper and 'bear' mugs for hot chocolate.  Every two or three days through the month of December we learned a new 'bear' verse and made a new ornament.  The children enjoyed it and also learned several new Bible verses.  If you have several Christmas Bears you may wish to let your guests go on a Bear Hunt If you use a "bear" theme you may also like to print the Bear Tracks puzzle.


Door Prize / Gift Exchange:

“Marvelous Things Without Number”...  Job 5:9

Fill a decorative Christmas Jar with red and green candies.  (Count the number of pieces before anyone arrives and seal the answer in an envelope.)
Write "Name" and "Guess" at the top of a sheet of paper.  Everyone should put their name and how many pieces of candy they think is in the jar.  Explain that no one can use a number someone else has guessed.  The person nearest the actual number wins the jar of candy.  Have a second jar on hand in case of a tie, or explain that "the closest number without going over is the winner".

“Every Good Gift”...  James 1:17

There are scripture references in the Bible that can be used with small gifts for door prizes.  On the gift tag, write the Bible reference that matches the gift.  Each name you draw for a door prize can draw a Bible reference and find the gift that matches that reference.  For a list of scripture references go to Bible Gifts.  Please choose gifts that are appropriate for the age group of your guests.

“To The Right Hand, Or To The Left”...  Genesis 24:49

This is a fun idea for a gift exchange.  Everyone sits or stands in a large circle holding his or her gift.  As they listen to the story they pass the gifts to the right when they hear the word "right" and to the left when they hear the word "left".  At the end of the story each person gets to keep the gift he or she is holding.  Follow the link for "The Christmas Story" to read for the game.  (Watch one person and her starting gift, and do not read the last line of "The Christmas Story" if it will give guests their own gifts.)  Right Left Game



“That Our Joy May Be Full”...  II John 12

Most people who cook have favorite holiday treats, and for many, cooking for the holidays is a great joy.  Christmas is a wonderful time for everyone to bring their favorite snack or dessert.  Or, refreshments can be as simple as a large pot of hot apple cider (with a few orange slices or cinnamon sticks for added flavor) and fresh baked items or doughnuts.  Pop corn is also quick and easy to prepare.  Don't "stress out" over the refreshments and let it rob you of your Christmas joy.


Devotions And Puzzles:

“For Unto You Is Born... A Saviour”...  Luke 2:11

No Christmas party would be complete without the Christmas story from the second chapter of Luke.  Even Charles Schultz used the story in his Charlie Brown Christmas cartoon.  As Linus says, "That's what Christmas is all about..." Don't leave Christ out of your Christmas party.  There are several ideas in the Getting Acquainted section above. Christmas Memory Verse is a cut and paste page to help remember Luke 2:11.   Going To Bethlehem is a simple Christmas maze.  The Shepherds Came is a crossword puzzle taken from Luke 2:8-12.  Christmas Quotes are all taken from Luke 1 & 2 and Matthew 2. Making words from the letters in MERRY CHRISTMAS takes on a new look as you fill in the blanks of these Bible Verses.  For a Find-a-Word puzzle you may go to Names of Jesus. You may wish to use a devotional from this site... Christmas Devotions, Looking For Christmas, Words of Jesus, The Name of Jesus, or Miracles of Jesus.


Out Reach:

“Glory To God In The Highest”... Luke 2:14

Years ago people used to go Christmas caroling.  Our youth group used to visit some of the elderly members of the church and sing Christmas carols to them.  We also visited nursing homes and small groups sang carols to some of the residents there.  These people don't care if you don't sing in perfect harmony, or if you forget some of the words, or that there may only be half a dozen with you.  They enjoy your Christmas love and joy.  Spread some cheer this Christmas season.



“They Presented Unto Him Gifts”... Matthew 2:11

There are so many in need that it is hard to choose just one project at Christmas time.  There are groups that collect coats for the needy.  There are churches that collect the "shoe box gifts" for children in foreign countries.  There are toy drives, food collections, and angel trees all around. Last year we collected diapers and new baby items for a local crisis center and the response was tremendous.  Don't forget those closest to you that may need help.  Are there any in your church or family that could use food or toys for their children?  Is there a small nursing home near you that could suggest small gifts for their residents?  Our youth group made Gift Baskets for the nursing home we visit once a month. If you don't have money to spend, maybe there are some who could use a little of your time.  There may be mothers with young children, or elderly friends with crippled hands that could use your help wrapping presents.  Open your eyes... look at those around you... pray for guidance... and let God lead you in the right direction.  Then, this Christmas, why not present yourself to Him?

“A Word In Season”... Isaiah 50:4

"Tis the Season" for Christmas cards.  Something that is enjoyed at our church by the young and old alike is giving Christmas cards.  We put a large mailbox just inside the front door of the church and a green and red box under it for the overflow.  Everyone that wants to participate puts their cards in the mailbox.  Volunteers sort the cards and the young people of the church hand deliver the cards before and after the worship services.  This works well in a small church.  The youth enjoy giving out the cards and learn to put names with faces.  And everyone loves being able to give and receive the Christmas cards without the expense of mailing them.


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