Back To School Bingo
List one object in each square that you might put in your book bag.
Give everyone a bingo sheet and tell them to write down one item in each square that you might put in your book bag.  This worked well with our group because we had all ages and the older children helped the younger ones with ideas and spelling.  We had two identical sports/book bags full of school supplies, one on each end of the table.  As we took an identical item from each bag, (keeping them separated in two piles for the relay race) the children and parents used dried beans to mark their bingo papers. We kept playing, awarding small prizes with each "bingo" and tried to see who could fill his or her card completely.  After the bags were empty we divided into two teams and had a relay race.  The first player carried the bag to his or her end of the table and put in one item and then carried the bag back to the next player.  The kids had so much fun with this!  When the bags got too full and heavy for the smaller children, I told them that two people could carry the bags, one for each handle. At the end of the race we emptied the bags back onto the table and let the winning team choose one item for a prize first, and then let the other team choose one item for a prize. My group was small enough that everyone got to choose three items to keep.
Items could include: Pencil Box, Crayons, Pencil, Erasers, Pen, Pencil Sharpener, Glue Stick, Small Note Pad, Highlighters, Paperclip, Notebook, Folder, Dictionary, Bible, Paper, Money Pouch, Lunch Money, Lunch Bag, Water Bottle, Stapler, Rubber Band, Index Cards, Colored Pencils, Markers, Kleenex, Calculator, Blanket or Nap Towel, Hair Brush, Tape, Journal, Ruler,  Stickers, Post-It Notes, and Calendar.  (Do not use scissors or a compass for safety reasons.)