Getting Acquainted:

“...With The Voice Together Shall They Sing...”  Isaiah 52:8

God blessed us with a wonderful Youth Jubilee.  Several churches gathered together and worshipped as one.  Before the very first worship service on Monday night the groups met together for choir practice.  The young people did not know each other, but they sang songs of praise together to our God.  On most of the Activity Pages I suggest games to help the people of your group to get acquainted, but a special time of choir practice was a wonderful way to help so many different kids meet each other and join their voices together to glorify God.  We also served them meals daily and had special activities planned to give them more time together.


Door Prize:

“...Pleasant Pictures”  Isaiah 2:16

We took a lot of pictures during the week.  We took pictures during choir practice, during their meals, and pictures at the park.  We also took group pictures of each visiting church represented to try to make sure everyone was included in the pictures.  We were so busy, I only had time to print out a few for everyone to see.  When we have our next Youth Jubilee, I hope to get some small scrap books and put pictures in each one.  We could give each visiting church a set of pictures to take home with them.  Another idea would be small autograph books for email addresses of their new friends.



“...Looking Up To Heaven, He Blessed, And Brake...”  Matthew 14:19

Jesus fed 5,000 with just five loaves of bread and two fish, and they were all filled.  We spent weeks planning what to prepare to feed everyone two meals each day.  We had to find places to stack the many loaves of bread.  We had enough food, but had to keep going back to the stores to buy more colas and bottled water because the days were so hot.  Jesus gave thanks and blessed His food... and we gave thanks and asked God to bless our food.  The kids showed great patience as they waited in line to get their plates.  They didn't complain about what they were being served.  Our adults worked together to plan, prepare, and serve each meals. 



“Ponder The Path Of Thy Feet...”  Proverbs 4:26

We had church worship services each morning and evening.  Different visiting preachers spoke in the morning services and Preacher Mike Soop spoke each evening.  His theme for the week was taken from this verse as he used various Bible characters as examples of the paths we take.  He challenged the young people to "ponder the path" they would take and to follow the Lord instead of following the crowd.


Out Reach:

“Go Ye Into All The World...” Mark 16:15

Today I heard people tell what they heard some of the hotel workers say about the youth coming and going from their rooms with their Bibles in their hands.  A few of the boys and girls bowed in the lobby of the hotel and accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior.  They witnessed to the workers with their actions and their words.  Someone also shared comments she heard from workers in the McDonalds next to the hotel where some went after the evening services.  These young people not only praised God while they were at church, they were a witness and blessing to others in our community.  I feel blessed that I could be a part of this Youth Jubilee and hope we can do this each summer.



“Giving Thanks Always...” Ephesians 5:20

I am so thankful for the way God blessed in our Youth Jubilee.  We have prayed and told Him how grateful we are to Him.  I also want to show thanks to all the ones in our church that labored together this week.  I did not plan ahead enough to give all the visiting churches scrap books as described above, but I went today and bought some at a dollar store for the men and women who were such a big help in their labor of love.  We will put pictures, Bible verses, and "Thank you" notes in the books.  I hope to get all our youth together and let them use their time and talents to make these books special.  It is important to show our thanks and appreciation to everyone who had a part in our Youth Jubilee. 


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