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Getting Acquainted:

“Who Am I?”... II Samuel 7:18

Bible Charades can be a fun activity to begin a party.  I have several lists which can be used, either separately, or together to play Bible Charades.  The first one is Bible Couples.  The words may also be used to play Bible Pictionary, if your group would rather draw pictures to illustrate, than act out the clues.

“Whoso Findeth A Wife”... Proverbs 18:22

One way to pair couples together for a game or Bible Puzzle is to let them be Bible couples.  (If you have more males, use that number for the names of men and use each matching female.  If you have more females, use that number for the names of women and use each matching male.)  Cut the names apart and put the male names in a blue cup and the female names in a red cup.  Each person will draw a name and find their Bible mate.  If you don't have even couples, some will need to draw two names and you will have three partners in those groups.  The names of 20 Bible Couples are provided.
Another way to match the Bible Couples is to cut out red hearts and print the female name on the left and the male name on the right and cut them into two pieces in puzzle-like shapes.  Let each guest choose a half and find a partner with the matching piece.
A Matching Puzzle is also on the Bible Couples Matching page. 
Use clues to match the couples on the Do You Know These Bible Couples? page.

Love Bears All Things... I Corinthians 13

An activity that can be enjoyed by all ages is to have a Bear Hunt.  "Bear" Bible verses are provided for 10 bears.  Cut out the verses and place each verse on a different stuffed toy bear.  (Or you can make poster bears.)  Before anyone arrives, place the bears, with verses attached, in various spots throughout the room.  Each guest, or couple, is given a Bear License and pen or pencil to go on the Bear Hunt.  The object is to find all of the 10 bears and write the scripture reference for each verse on the tag section of the license page.  Bear Tracks has more fun with "Bear" Bible verses.

“For God So Loved The World”...  John 3:16

Because some of the children in our youth group can't read yet, we played a relay race with the John 3:16 hearts.  We divided into two teams and each team had the words to John 3:16 printed on paper hearts on a table across the room.  One by one, in a relay race, each player ran to get one of the hearts as the children worked together to put the words in order to complete the verse of John 3:16.  For the next relay, we used the names of Bible Couples to create heart puzzles.  The male was printed on the left of the heart and the female was printed on the right side, then the heart was cut down the middle in puzzle fashion.  The teams ran, one at a time to get half of a heart.  The hearts were put together as the Bible couples were completed.  The last relay was played using two bowls of candy hearts, two spoons, and two empty bowls.  In turn, each child carried a spoon of hearts to the empty bowl on the opposite end of the room.

God Is Love... I John 4:8

We know the love of God through the scriptures.  How does the world look at love?  Here is a crossword puzzle using phrases with the word "love" made popular through the years. God Is Love Puzzle


Door Prize:

“Marvelous Things Without Number”...  Job 5:9

Fill a decorative jar with Valentine candy conversation hearts.  (Count the number of pieces before anyone arrives and seal the answer in an envelope.)  Write "Name" and "Guess" on the top of a sheet of paper.   Everyone should put his/her name and the number he/she guesses on the paper.  Explain that no one can use a number someone else has guessed.  The person nearest the actual number wins the jar of candy.  Have a second jar on hand in case of a tie, or explain that "the closest number without going over is the winner."



“He Brought Me To The Banqueting House”... 
Song of Solomon 2:4

Even back in Bible times people celebrated with banquets.  Easy decorations for a Valentine's Banquet could be red and white balloons and paper hearts.  Sliced French bread and spaghetti would be a simple meal to prepare.  Volunteers could bring vegetables for salad, colas and tea, and desserts.  Candy conversation hearts could also be placed on the table.
Make a Valentine cake by baking the cake in two pans: one square pan and one circle pan.  Place the square cake with a corner down (like a diamond) and cut the circle in two halves, placing each half on the upper sides of the square.  Decorate with red, or pink icing.  Or use white icing and decorate with candy hearts.
If you want to emphasize Love and The Fruit Of The Spirit you could ask everyone to bring a piece of fresh fruit, a can of fruit, or frozen fruit.  You could mix them in a large bowl for a Fruit Salad.



“For God So Loved The World”...  John 3:16

Nothing could be more appropriate than John 3:16 for devotions.  A game using the words from John 3:16 may be played by groups or individuals.  God loved us so much that even "while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us."  (Romans 5:8)  A Bible puzzle about God's love is God's Gift.  Another way to show God's love is using the Fruit of The Spirit in Galatians 5:22 & 23.  You may also want to use a Fruit Of The Spirit Crossword Puzzle or Love, Joy, Peace - A Tic Tac Toe Game.
You may wish to look at the Bible Couples Devotions.


Out Reach:

“God Is Love”... I John 4:8

Have a special Valentine for all the guests at your party.  If you cannot find any with Bible verses, make them.  You may have some present that don't know about the love of God.  There are Valentine tracts available in Christian book stores which you could include with the Valentines.  Give each person a reminder to take home with them that "God is love".  You may use John 3:16 for your special Valentines.



“Love One Another”... John 15:12

Valentine's Day is a good time to get the message out that God is love.  With a few supplies; red and white paper, scissors, glue, and a little imagination, your guests could make Valentines for a nursing home, hospital children's ward, or the widows or elderly in your own church.  Assure them that they won't be judged for artistic ability and those that receive them will be glad to know that someone cares.  Your group will also be getting out the message that they care and God cares.  This is an easy way to show love to one another.  Again, you may wish to use John 3:16 on your special Valentines.


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