This is a good relay race that can be played by a group of different ages.  Divide into 2 or 3 teams and let a small child on each team be Christopher Columbus.  The remaining team members are his crew.  Using the diagram below as an example, make open pathways for the relay.  Christopher Columbus stands at Home - point "B".  The crew for each team lines up behind him and the first person for each team must go to The Market - point "A" and bring back one item for Columbus.  When Columbus is wearing or holding the item, the next person goes to The Market and brings back the next item.  (It may help to choose the articles of clothing first.)  Continue taking turns until Columbus is holding all the items for the voyage.  Christopher Columbus then goes to The Dock - point "C".  If he drops something the crew can pick it up and hand it back to him.  He gets into his ship and the crew moves the ship to The New World - point "D" where he arrives and steps out of his ship.

Columbus Day Relay

The Market
At Point "A" have a set of items needed for the voyage for each team.  Some examples are found below. 
Christopher Columbus and his crew stand at Point "B". The crew goes one at a time to retrieve the items from point "A".
The ships are at Point "C". When Columbus has all the items for the voyage, he walks from "B" to "C" and gets into the ship.
The Ocean
The crew moves the ship from Point "C" to Point "D" where Christopher Columbus gets out of the ship and wins the race.
The New World
Place a large rug at Point "D" to be the new world.  
Items Needed For The Voyage

Choose from the items below to complete a set of items needed for each voyage.  Place a matching supply at the market for each team.

Large Floppy Hat
Rain Coat
Toy Compass
Candle (No glass holders)
Bag of Dried Beans
Bag of Rice
Plastic Water Bottle
Toy Telescope
Map of the Stars

Each team also needs a ship.  A large cardboard box, a clothes basket, or plastic snow sled may be used.

This game could also be played when studying the missionary trips of Paul and the Apostles.