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Picnic In The Park
The Tower Of Babel
Sea Voyage Relay
Bear Hunt
Bible Fashions
Ideas for a special summer birthday party.
Use the special "bear" verses and go on a bear hunt, indoors or out.  We even gave the children flashlights once and they found the bears just after dark.
Collect boxes and containers to build a Tower of Babel.  This is a good lesson to teach children how others feel when they can't speak our language.
We played this relay for Columbus Day but it could also be played during a study of Paul's Missionary Journeys.
Each team is given a stack of newspapers and a roll of tape to create articles of clothing for a Bible Fashion Show.  You may have older children find Bible verses to match each piece of clothing.
These photos may give you ideas for your next Christian Fellowship.  Follow the Links for more details.
Mayberry Party
A Mayberry Party was a fun theme for a law enforcement graduation party.
God Is Love
Putting the words of John 3:16 in order is one of the activities on the God Is Love page.

"For God so loVed the world,
      that He gAve
       His onLy
                      That whosoever
      believeth In Him
           should Not perish,
        but have Everlasting life."
                               John 3:16

Making Easter cards for a nursing home is one of the ideas on the Easter Activity page.

Easter Bible Jeopardy
Rodeo Party
Barrell riding is fun even with stick horses at a Rodeo Party.
Snow Party
Small white socks can take on personality with a little dry rice, eyes, and sculpy carrot noses.
Harvest Party
Painting pumpkins and playing games is fun in the autumn.
Back To School Party
Back To School Bingo
and Relay Race,
People Bingo and
Two Little Fishes Game
... fun for all!
Bible Occupations
Bible Charades
Fun for all ages!
How Big Was Noah's Ark?
We measured our building and graphed a comparison to Noah's Ark and the temple of King Solomon.
Play -- Bible News Broadcast
"Let us run with patience the race that is set before us..." (Hebrews 12:1) is the focal point in the sports broadcast of this simple play.  There are also  news and weather segments which bring Bible day stories to a modern day broadcast setting.  Additional Bible stories could easily be added.
Christmas Plays

Christmas Activities
Heart To Heart Banquet
The youth group hosted a banquet for the adults.  They served the meal and sang.  We also played Bible Jeopardy.
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