"Lo, children are an heritage
of the LORD: and the fruit
of the womb is his reward." 
Psalm 127:3


If the new baby nursery has a certain theme, it would be fun to decorate for the shower in the same theme or colors.  My daughter did not know if she was having a boy or girl and decorated her nursery in a red and blue paisley western decor.  We used red and blue bandanas and small stuffed horses for table decorations.



Every shower I attended when I was young served the same refreshments.  Cake squares, peanuts, candy mints, sweet pickles, and potato chips were served with some type of punch.  More recently I have noticed that sometimes finger sandwiches, fresh fruit, or vegetable and cheese trays have been used to replace some of the above items.  Cup cake stands are becoming more popular in the place of cake squares.




Print a BABY SHOWER BINGO sheet for each expected guest.  Before the new mother begins opening the gifts, give each person a BINGO sheet and ask them to write something in each box that a baby needs.  You may ask them not to simply write "clothes" but be more specific as "gown" or "onesie".  As the mother to be opens each gift, the guests check off the matching squares on their sheets.  Award a small prize for each BINGO, such as Baby Ruth candy bars.

Guess How Big

Pass around a spool of ribbon and a pair of scissors.  Ask each person to cut off a piece of ribbon that would match how big around the mother to be is.  After everyone has cut their ribbon, let the mother to be wrap each around her to see whose ribbon matches her size the closest for a prize.

What Will the Baby Look Like?

Tell everyone that you want them to guess what the baby will look like. Hand each person a sheet off a roll of paper towels.  They are to hold the paper towel behind them and tear out the shape of a baby.  The one that looks the most like a baby wins.

How Many Cotton Balls?

Fill a large oversized clear baby bottle, or other container with cotton balls which have been previously counted.  Have a sheet of paper for everyone to guess the correct number of cotton balls, without going over, for a prize.  (Maybe cotton candy for the prize.)


Making Memories:


Take plenty of pictures in fun poses, and not just the standard sit and say "cheese" poses.


If you go into any craft store, you can often find special shelves for scrapbooking supplies.  Buy some decorated pages that complement each other and cut each page in four or six pieces, depending on the size photos you will use.  Paste one square near the center of each white page for your scrapbook, putting some at unique angles.  Each guest writes a message on one of the pages.  Take a picture of each guest to put on the center square of his or her special page.  The pages can then be put together in a special scrapbook.



"Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward."  Psalm 127:3

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