Dear servants in Christ,

I'm writing to ask all of you to fervently pray to the Lord for missionaries to come to Italy. My wife, son, and I live in the Veneto region and the spiritual condition here is pathetic. Unknown to most churches in the U.S., the nation of Italy has the fewest bible believing Gospel preaching churches in the world. I've even heard that Saudi Arabia has a larger percentage of believers in Christ (per capita) than Italy!!!

Please raise this issue to the churches that you have contact with. So many Fundamental Baptist missionaries go to Mexico and Africa which are literally "Bible Belts" compared to this dark land of Catholicism and superstition.

Friends, it is known that there are at minimum 100,000 professional wizards and occultic "priests" just in this country alone not including their deceived followers! Please get this word out to the churches and Bible colleges and above all, pray for Italy, especially the Northern part of the country (75% of the few Scriptural churches are in the south). Please help as you can.

In the precious name of Jesus Christ,

Jason, Angela, and Valentino Madera

Prayer Letter From Italy...