The Greatest Christmas Gift
(A Christmas play by Brittany Ward)


Wife (Susan Smith):
Husband (Tommy Smith):

The Nativity Scene



Shepards: 1:

Wise Men: 1:

Carolers: You need at least 5

The stage should be divided into sections as shown below.  The play begins in the Smith home on the upper center left.  The upper center right is where the Nativity scene will take place as the Preacher reads from the Bible.  Spotlights should be used to show the Inn (lower far left) and the Shepherds field (lower far right) at the appointed times.  Mary and Joseph, the Shepherds, the Wise Men, and the Carolers all enter and walk down the center aisle.

The play begins with the scene of the Smith home.  (Susan yells for help at the front door)

Tommy: I’m coming, (open the door and help his wife with the presents), Goodness honey, who did you buy for this year?

Susan: (laughing) I just got some little presents for the children in my Sunday school class at church, and I got something for you also.

Tommy: For me, but Christmas is in 3 more days. I don’t know why we celebrate anyway. It’s just a hassle.  Why can’t we just skip it all.

Susan: You really don’t get the real meaning do you?

Tommy: Oh Ok

Susan: I got you something (hands him a shoe box)  I’m sorry it’s not wrapped, I didn’t have  time to wrap it, I hope you like it.

Tommy: (Opens the box, he see news shoes and acts stunned) Shoes, thanks honey they are nice.

Susan: Do you like them, I picked them up hoping that you might wear them on Christmas Morning and join me at church.

Tommy: Oh that’s it.  That’s why I got me a new pair of shoes.  I knew that there was a catch to it.

Susan: No, I was just hoping that you would go with me Sunday, I would love to have my husband sitting beside me in church. Oh, by the way, the preacher is going to stop by this evening and pick up some presents and cookies I made for him and his family. He said that he would love to stay and chat with you for a while.

Tommy: Oh (says in a dreadful way), what time is he stopping by, so I can be prepared?  He always tries to have that salvation talk with me.

Susan: Well I told him to come by around 6, or so.  I won’t be here, I have go to the church for the Ladies Christmas party.  But I told him that you would be here.

Tommy: Oh Ok (rolls his eyes, and growls), well I guess that means I need to get ready for him when he stops by.

(Susan puts on coat and get keys and purse)

Susan: Well, I better get going, I am running late. Make sure you give the gifts to the preacher and I left some cookies and put a pot of coffee on the table for you both. (Hugs Tommy goodbye)

Tommy: Goodbye Dear

(Susan exits the stage, and Tom sits and thinks to himself out loud)

Tommy: Oh me, I knew when I opened that box what her motive was for me with those shoes.  And then she tells me the Preacher is coming by, and she just happens to leave.  Why didn’t it come to me that something was up. I hope he doesn’t try to bore me with that Salvation talk again.  I have been in a pretty good mood here today, I don’t want it to be ruined.

(Hears a Knock On the door)

Tommy: I'm coming,

(Tommy opens the door, and greets the preacher by shaking his hand)

Tommy: Good Evening, Preacher, Is it cold enough for you out there tonight?

Preacher: Good Evening Tommy, it sure is.

Tommy: Well come on in have a seat.  Susan made some coffee and baked some cookies.  If you would like, I could get you some.

(preacher comes in and takes off coat and hangs it up)

Preacher: Why a cup of coffee does sound good on a cold night like this.

(Tommy goes over and pours coffee and gets a plate of cookies and comes back and sits down in the chair)

Tommy: So how is this holiday season going.

Preacher: Well, to tell you the truth, I have been busy with church and getting things ready for the service on Christmas morning, and getting my family ready for Christmas. Oh, by the way, I want to invite you to come with Susan to our service on Christmas morning.  We are going to have special singing by the choir, and the children are going to sing for us, and I am going to tell the Christmas story in my message.

Tommy: Well I might come, don’t count me in just yet.  I would like to spend Christmas at home this year just taking it easy. (Picks up his Coffee and drinks some)

Preacher: (Drinking some of his Coffee) This coffee sure is good and it’s warming me up. I wanted to come by tonight for another reason Tommy. 

Tommy: Yeah, I was afraid of that.

Preacher: Well, let me ask you, have you ever heard the Christmas story told?  It’s what Christmas is all about, and people tend to get away from the true meaning of Christmas and get caught up in the hustle of shopping, cooking, and gift buying.

(Tommy sits there rubbing his stomach, as the preacher talks about food)

Tommy: Yeah, that’s making me hungry, just thinking about all that good food I use to get when I was a little boy at Grandma’s house.  I miss getting together there, I have good memories. (Looks up and starts to think) Grandpa would gather us children in the living room after we eat and tell us the Christmas story from the Bible.

Preacher: Well would you mind me getting out my Bible and reading it?  I can’t get enough of that precious story of how God sent his Son into this world.

Tommy: Sure, go ahead,... hope it doesn’t take long... the basketball games starts in a little while.

(Preacher takes out his Bible and opens it up to the Christmas story.  He looks at Tommy starting to speak)

Preacher: Now Tommy, I want you to do something for me as I read this story to you.  I want you to take a look at your life at where you are now, and search your life as I begin to read about the birth our Savior Jesus Christ.

(Tommy Looks up and begins ponder)

(Mary enters the scene on the right side of the stage and the Angel appears and speaks to Mary)
Preacher reads Luke 1:26-33

Song: Mary Did You Know

(Mary exits off the stage to back of church at end of song)

Preacher reads Luke  2:1-6

Song: Breath of Heaven

(Mary and Joseph enter in the back of the church and walk up through the aisle.  They go to the Inn but there is no room to be found. Innkeeper points them to the stable and they exit off the stage.)

(Preacher glances up for a minute at Tommy as he has tears coming from his eyes)

Preacher reads Luke 2:7

(Mary and Joseph enter with baby to manger scene)

Song: Away in a Manger

Preacher reads Luke 2:8-20

Song: Do You Hear What I Hear?

(Angel appears to shepards)
(Have the Shepard’s on one side of the stage, and have the Angel appear to them.  They exit through the crowd to find the baby Jesus in a manger)

Preacher reads Matthew 2:1-11

Song: We Three Kings

(Wisemen enter from back and come down to manger scene and present gifts to baby Jesus)

The Navitity Scene stays on stage

Preacher: I tell you Tommy that story gets to me every time I tell it... to read about how God sent his Son into this world, so that we could have the gift of eternal life.

Tommy: Preacher would you excuse me for a moment. (Tommy wipes his eyes and goes over to pick up the shoe box that is wife had gotten him earlier.)

Preacher:  What you are doing?

Tommy:  I want to make sure these shoes fit for Sunday. I made my decision. I am coming to the Christmas Service on Sunday.

Preacher: Tommy, let me ask you about a decision more important than coming to our Christmas service Sunday. This decision can change the rest of your life, and it has to be made by you only. Have you accepted Jesus into your heart and asked him to save you? That is the biggest decision that you can make in your heart and life.

Tommy: I haven’t made that decision yet.  Susan has been talking to me about it and I just ignore her and try to think of something else. I have to admit I have been avoiding that subject and where God fits in my life.

Preacher: Well Tommy, you can change that and make the right decision. All you have to do is know that you are a sinner, and ask God to come into your heart and save you and accept Him as your personal Savior. This couldn’t be any simpler. Just think about how Jesus came to give you the best Christmas gift, eternal life.  He gave His life on a cruel cross and rose again the third day so that all who believe can have everlasting life.  Susan, and your family and friends will be so happy for you when you let Jesus give you a new life.

(Tommy glances down at his shoes and starts to cry and tears roll down his face)

Tommy: Preacher, will you pray with me. I am ready to make that important decision in my life and accept Jesus in my heart and life so I can truly experience the greatest gift of Christmas in my heart and life not only this Christmas season but each and everyday.

Preacher: Tommy let's kneel down here and pray.

(Preacher and Tommy kneel down and start praying together, and both are crying.  They finish praying and both get up and are crying and rejoicing. (They hug each other and shake hands joyfully.)

Tommy: Preacher, I just want to tell you thanks for reminding me and telling me that wonderful story of how God sent his Son into this world.

Preacher: Well, Tommy, I've got to be going, but I just want to let you know that I am going to be praying for you and trust that God will lead you in the path He has for you.  I will see you and Susan Sunday at the Christmas service. You have a good rest of the evening. God Bless and Merry Christmas.

(Preacher exits the stage.)

(Tommy gets on his knees and begins to pray.)

Tommy:  Dear Lord, I just want to thank you for coming into my heart and saving a sinner like me.  I am so undeserving of your love but you loved and cared enough for me to send your Son into this world so that I might be saved.  Lord I pray for you to help me and strengthen me to stand and live my life through You and be a witness for You and to tell others of your wonderful love. Thank you again Lord, for loving me and I just want to tell you Lord that I love you.  In all these things we ask, in your precious Name I pray, Amen.

(Tommy patiently paces the floor waiting for the return of his wife, then in excitement he hears her coming up the steps and he rushes to the door, and opens it, he greets her with a hug)

Susan:  (Comes in) Well, what is this mood? I hope you had a good meeting with the preacher.  (Hangs up her coat and takes a seat in the chair)

Tommy: Dear, it’s good you’re sitting down; I have some good news to tell you.

Susan: What is your news that you have to tell me? Please don’t tell me you were mean to the Preacher.

Tommy: No. Tonight I was sitting here with the preacher talking and we got to talking about old memories and he read me the Christmas story and it was like I was there experiencing the whole thing. That story spoke to me tonight and afterwards I made a decision that changed my life. Dear I accepted Jesus into my heart and life and got saved.

Susan: (Tears start to fall down her cheek and she starts rejoicing and praising Jesus). Oh, thank you Lord, thank you Lord for answering my prayers. That is so good dear. I want you to know I have been praying for this day to come for a long time.  I knew that God would hear my prayers and that He would save you. Oh I am so happy; I could shout it to the roof tops.

(Tommy walks forward as carolers begin singing softly in the back.)

Tommy: Listen Susan I think I hear the carolers outside.(Puts his arm around his wife) Susan this has truly been one wonderful night. And it all happened because Jesus cared enough to pass by my way and give me the greatest gift for Christmas... eternal life through Jesus Christ Himself.

(Tommy and Susan move to front of stage and listen to carolers)

(Carolers come in singing Silent Night)

(Everyone in play and congregation sings Joy to the World

Turn over to Pastor

Home of Tommy and Susan Smith
Door to the Inn
in the field
Mary &
Wise Men,