I suppose Memorial Day means different things to different people. To some it is just another day that they don't have to work. There are other things I could say as well. But I am not too concerned with what people think, as I am sure they feel the same about me. Many of our veterans have come home from war only to be laughed at by many people. Things like the way they walk, the way they jump when a loud noise is made, like a car backfiring, and the nightmares that many of them wake up to at night. Our veterans’ hospitals are full of troubled people because of service to our neighbors and defending our and their way of life and the freedoms we enjoy in America. Everything good and valuable has a price tag on it. Sometimes the cost is high. Our freedom and liberty did not come cheap. It was bought with the blood of many heroes called our friends, brothers and sisters, neighbors, and comrades. It humbles me to think how much some of our people have paid. I forget who said it but I too "regret that I only have one life to give to defend our country."

Many people back home want us to get out now! Quit spending the taxpayers’ money! I will not argue there is a lot of waste in government spending. But stop and think of all the people that say that and waste more than their share of the pie. I have worked for the government and been in the military for over forty years. I know some things are wrong. I didn't mean to get off on that. Sorry!!

When I think of Memorial Day, I am reminded of Eph. 6:10-17. All of us as Christians are soldiers. Here in Eph 6 it talks of us as warriors. There has been many a soul died in Christ doing his work. Are they not to be recognized as well on Memorial Day?  I can tell you many a story or episode of the daily battles that Dad faced thru out his ministry. It is a constant battle. Satan does not let up!

STOP A MINUTE!! Think! Did not Christ have battles with the devil? When He was tempted by Satan, was this not a battle. What about the garden of Gethsemane when Christ sweat was as great drops of blood? Just as a lot of our veterans today, Christ was mocked, spit upon, and made fun of. Our soldiers gave lives, blood, and sacrifices to make us free. Christ died, shed his blood, and was the supreme sacrifice that we may be free indeed.

"Yes I guess I am kinda proud of this ragged ole flag", said Johnny Cash in one of his songs. I am glad to be associated with the blood stained banner of Christ too. Let us press on for the mark of the high calling with Paul. Let us not forget our men and women at home and abroad that wear the uniform of service to our nation. Let us not forget either the ones that have fallen. May their memory live on thru the years in song and stories and in our hearts. Don't forget the mothers whose hearts have been torn out because her son or daughter that never came home from war and maybe will never come from this war. We all make sacrifices but some make more than others.

So tomorrow when you are stopped in traffic waiting for some old parade to go by, think what it is all about. It is AMERICA honoring her men and women that paid the price for the freedom we have today. How many people have already forgotten 911?

Hope this is not too much bragging on our military and protective forces and life savers and fire fighters. The Salvation Army and the list goes on. But I am one really proud person glad to be called an AMERICAN! I will defend her and her people until my dieing day. If it takes my life, that is fine. At least I am willing to give it so that all Americans can enjoy life and the pursuit of happiness. My only regret is I only have one life to give for MY COUNTRY!!!

Enjoy freedom and pray for all our veterans tomorrow.


Memorial Day