Books Of The Bible
What Book Am I?

For this game you will need a list of Bible books in order (Old Testament or New Testament) and pencil for each guest.  You will also need a set of cards with the same books.  Give each person a list of the books and pencil, and then tape a card to the back of each person (be careful not to damage clothes).  The object of the game is to discover which book you are.  Since a book is used only once, each person may cross through the books that they see on the backs of other guests.  While comparing the books of others, they are allowed to ask this question... "Do I come before 'Ashley' or after 'Ashley'?  Make sure they know to ask the question of specific people in the room, and not "Do I come before Exodus?" because they could go down the list and mark off each one.  As they mark through the books they see on the backs of their friends and ask each other this question they should eventually be able to narrow their list down and guess which book they are.  This game will provide a familiarity with the order of the Bible books and get the guests moving and talking together.  You may choose to use Old Testament books at one meeting and later use the same activity with New Testament books.  Use a consecutive group of Bible books or allow the players to ask more questions about their books.  Otherwise, there may be a gap between several books and they may not be able to correctly guess their identity.